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    SAFe-Health Project

    Customized Turnkey

    Health Monitoring Solutions Canadians, Africans, African Americans and New Immigrants.

    Also features a health technology store with affordable products.


    Proudly Canadian

    Live-saving, eco-friendly, wireless, networked ' infant care units for babies in developing countries.


    Babyes Store

    Proudly built for children, by loving mothers

    Live-saving, eco-friendly, wireless, networked ' infant care units for babies in developing countries.


  • Safe And Adolescent Friendly e-Health (SAFe-Health) Services and Store

    Customized Turnkey Health Monitoring Solutions.


    Ever wondered how you can personally monitor your health and keep fit? You don't need to break the bank. MIST Inc can effectively and efficiently assist you with making the right choices, linking you with the smart devices that make your life simple, keep you healthy and your physician happy! Let MIST Inc do the work for you: sift through the wealth of information out there, talk to our partners and get you the devices and apps that meet your needs, at affordable prices you determine.


      Apollo-Innobator System 2 Neonatal and Infant Care Unit

      (AIS1 NICU) Support Program

      Tomorrow's Technology saving babies lives in LMICs.

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      Organizations (Governments, NPOs and NGOs only) interested in partnering or demonstration projects- PRE-REGISTER here.

      Do you know that 11 babies die every minute globally?


      With support from Livetyme Networks, an international privately owned public health consulting firm in Montreal, Mercyflow Innovative Systems and Technologies Inc (MIST Inc) has designed and built a prototype for this unique live saving infant care unit under our 'Mentoring Inventors and Project Managers Program'. AIS1 NICU will function as a baby warmer, a phototherapy unit and a neonatal-care resuscitaire. Controlled over secure wireless networks with a smartphone, the AIS1 NICU is also designed to double as a patient scheduling, in-patient health outcomes tracking and post discharge follow-up tool for health providers.


      The prototype is now ready for improvement and design enhancement and Livetyme Networks is seeking support through this site, and through a crowdfunding campaign just launched. You get to donate and determine the hospitals, in a low-middle income country (LMIC), that will receive a custom-made AIS2 NICU with free installation and initial maintenance. when it is ready for (target date is September 2019).


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      MIST Inc. is a professionally driven and customer motivated home and self-care products company, with specialist consultants in health, fitness, health systems and data management. MIST aims to be the Canadian company of choice driving implementation of innovative technological solutions in the health and fitness industry.


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